Passion is the chief motivator, performance is the mean and leadership is the goal to achieve: these values are the pillars we are basing our success upon. Professional skills, experience, dynamism, determination and teamwork are the key characteristics for both managers and employees of our group.
We respect the environment and are at the top of ethical, green production techniques thanks to the unique use of specialized resources. We can guarantee a tutelage of both the environment and of the most qualified level of work through an accurate selection of production sources and a constant control of our partners' production plants.
The main objective of our Operations department is focused on the utmost attention to details and on the best possible selection of rough materials, following our rigorous qualitative standards. Quality control doesn't come into play in the very last phases of production, but intervenes on the whole productive cycle, thus guaranteeing impeccable products.
A diversified portfolio of brands and product families insures a complete coverage of all consumers brackets. Footwear, sportswear and accessories, products for leisure and products for utility work. All is distributed through dedicated channels which allow us to intercept business opportunities in different, yet complementary, markets, showcasing the historical and technological autority belonging to the brand.
Our constant challenge is to keep investing in research and to ground our philosophy on a culture of change. We aim to achieve the best performances products while not forgoing comfort, whether it is a sporting, leisure or working item. Exclusive technologies such as Net system and STS represent a revolution in the sporting world and show the absolute supremacy of our group when it comes to research and technological innovation.